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Manifestation / Protest 2020-09-04

Latest News

  • New Beds and Personnel Added to the Royal Vic Shelters
    50 extra beds have been added to the Royal Vic’s red zone, where people who are homeless and have tested positive reside. This comes as about 80 percent of indigenous people who are homeless, of those screened, have tested positive across Montreal.
  • Opening of Montreal’s First Wet Shelter Postponed
    The program for supervised alcohol consumption among people who are homeless was set to open at the site of the Royal Vic January 1st. It has been postponed because of the spread of COVID-19.
  • Heritage Montreal and Les amis de la montagne: A collective future for the Royal Vic
    The presidents of Heritage Montreal and “Les amis de la montagne” have come out in La Presse demanding confirmation from the provincial and municipal government that the site of the Royal Vic would be protected from privatization. They ask that the site be given a future that is in line with its history of social, […]
  • Publication of our Open Letter!
    Finally! Our open letter with the 55 community groups and unions that signed got published in Journal de Montreal. Congratulation to the amazing team of community activists of the Royal Vic Coalition!

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