On September 4, 2020 the Royal Vic for the Public Coalition organized a community march. There were families, speeches, politicians, media, and even a choir! We marched from the Royal Victoria Hospital to Parc Lucia Kowaluk (named after the Milton Parc community activist and social worker) where we gathered for speeches.

Royal Vic protest speech / Discours lors de la manifestation pour le Royal Vic

After speeches were given, the march continued past Hôtel-Dieu former Hospital (other decommissioned hospital with an uncertain future, where community uses are proposed by citizens), the Chest Hospital (recently sold off to condo developers), and concluded at the former Institut des Sourdes-Muettes (another decommissioned hospital where community uses are demanded by citizens).

Open Letter

After the coalition’s march on September 4th, we published an open letter:

  • opposing privatization;
  • insisting the site be used for public good;
  • demanding transparent decision-making process that involve civil society;
  • favouring an ecological approach to the site’s future development.

Read it here:

Open Letter of the Royal Vic for the Public Coalition

This letter was signed by over 56 community organizations and organizations still have the opportunity to sign it by contacting us at (or via this form). Please note that the open letter is not yet open to individuals’ signature.

Consultation and Research

The Royal Vic is ours: Here’s what we can do with it feasibility study will be a grassroots initiative with the goal of meaningfully involving citizens and community organizations in planning future uses of the site. This project will be done in collaboration with the Community-University Research Exchange (CURE) and will distinguished itself from the Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI) in its emphasis on citizen-led consultation.

Community-University Research Exchange logo

The CURE study will aim to explore the feasibility of democratic management and social uses as expressed in the Coalition’s open letter (publicly or community-run healthcare, housing, social services, arts and culture, education and ecology). It will analyze how such projects could concretely operate in terms of ownership, management and financing. The project will focus on the Women’s Pavilion, the Ross, and the Hersey pavilions.

We would love if you could take part in this research by completing this questionnaire. It will only take 10 minutes of your time.

We have already organized two virtual community consultation sessions with citizens and organizations in Milton Parc and downtown (Peter McGill) neighbourhood. Soon, we will be organizing walking tours and co-design planning workshops with community organisations and citizens.

If you would like to get involved or be kept informed, please contact us!